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Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (MAZUMS), affiliated to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, is one of the most outstanding medical universities in Iran. It is a state medical university located in Sari, Mazandaran Province, Iran. MAZUMS has been recognized as a center of excellence for healthcare and teaching since its foundation. It began its activities in 1986 by developing Sari Higher Institute for Midwifery which was founded in 1975.


MAZUMS offers unparalleled resources to the University community, including libraries, laboratories, and research centers to support scholarly work in nearly any field or discipline. As MAZUMS has always been involved in academic, health and treatment activities, it offers a variety of opportunities and excellent facilities for study and research in medical fields. Currently, the university admits students in a variety range of fields including fellowship, sub-specialty, specialty, PhD, 3 general medical fields (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), MSC and BSC.


The university tries to accomplish its research, education and healthcare objectives through its 8 vice chancellors in education, students’ affairs, research, health, treatment, food and drug, development and resource management affairs, social affairs. MAZUMS benefits from 11 schools including Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Allied Medical Sciences, Public Health, and Nursing and Midwifery schools in Sari, Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing and Midwifery schools in Amol and Nursing school in Behshahr , School of Advanced Technologies in medicine and Ramsar International Campus.


Most of the schools in MAZUMS are located in Payambar Azam Academic Complex with an area of about 100 hectares, 17 kms away from Sari. The schools offer a lot of academic and recreational facilities such as library, dormitory, laboratories, research centers, gym, transportation, restaurants to the students and academic staff. The university has more than 8162 students in a wide range of fields. Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences has 446 faculty members including 45 professors, 82 associate professors, 290 assistant professors and 29 instructors.



There are 21 specialized research centers in MAZUMS such as Thalassemia Research Center, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Research Center, Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Research Center, Health Sciences Research Center, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Research Center, Anti- Microbial Resistance Research Center, Diabetes Research Center, Invasive Fungi Research Center, Toxoplasmosis Research Center, Gut and Liver Research Center, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center, Immunogenetic Research Center, Gastrointestinal Cancer Research Center, Orthopedic Research Center, Cardio-Vascular Research Center, Health of plant and Medicinal products Research Center, Sexual and reproductive health research center, Mazandaran Cohort Study Center and Islamic Studies and Health Sciences Research Center.




MAZUMS has 23 hospitals five of which are university affiliated educational and treatment centers: Imam khomeini Center, which is the largest medical center, is special for neurosurgery, obstetrics, gynecology, IVF, urology, oncology, dialysis, digestion, rheumatology, general surgery, vascular, orthopedics, cancer, kidney disease; Fatemeh Zahra Heart Center is the only center of open heart surgery in Mazandaran Province; Boo-Ali Sina is the center of ophthalmology, ENT, pediatric, neurology, thalassemia, dentistry, general surgery; Zare Psychiatry and Burn Care Center is devoted to psychiatry, burn surgery and reconstructive surgery, Razi is the center of infectious and skin diseases.



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