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Thalassemia Research Center

Thalassemia Research Center



Thalassaemia Research Center (TRC) has been established in the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences since 1990 to design, perform and publish researches in order to expand the human knowledge in basic as well as applied sciences. Our aim is to improve quality of life, treatment and management of beta thalassaemia major patients and also to help responsible organizations for prevention of thalassaemia major.

The first original research was "Screening of male high school students of Sari for beta thalassaemia carrier state (Thalassaemia Minor) in 1990". Ten percent of the sample was carriers. The result of study was reported to the ministry of health and immediately premarital screening and counseling was began at first in Sari (Reference Lab. of the province under the vice deputy of hygiene).

TRC will cooperate with all national and international bodies. Our activities will be in accordance with Islamic laws, human rights and research ethics.

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