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Toxoplasmosis Research Center

Toxoplasmosis Research Center



Toxoplasmosis  Research Center



Toxoplasmosis Research Center (TRC) of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences was founded in 2013. The main subjects in TRC are all topics related to Toxoplasma/toxoplasmosis in humans and animals containing: Epidemiology, Mmolecular epidemiology, Genotyping, Pathogenecity, Diagnosis,Treatment (using synthetic drugs/herbal products) , Immunology, Immunization, Control and prevention,KAP study.




Dr Ahmad Daryani

E mail:


 Toxoplasmosis Research Center, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences,Sari,Iran

E mail:

 Tel: #98-1133543890

 Fax: #98-1133543890



Aynaz  Ghojoghi

Academic Member



Research Interest

Dr. Ahmad Daryani


Dr. Mehdi Sharif


Dr. Shirzad Gholami                               





Dr. Fatemeh Ghaffarifar



Dr. Mohsen Aarabi 



Dr.  Hajar Ziaei Hezarjaribi


Dr. Alireza Davoudi badaii


Dr. Mahdi Fakhar



Dr. Shahabeddin Sarvi


Dr. Alireza khalilian


Dr.Mohamad ali Ebrahimzade


Dr. Hamid Badali


Dr. Abolghasem  Ajami



Dr. Sepideh peyvandi



Dr. Kiumars Norozpor Dilami


Research priority

Epidemiology: Molecular characterization of Toxoplasma gondii

Diagnosis: Design of serological and molecular kits to diagnose ocular,cerebral and congenital toxoplasmosis

Treatment: The use of novel therapeutic approaches (nanoparticles) against T. gondii tissue cyst

The use of derivatives and new combinations of drugs against tachyzoites  and tissue cysts

Use of medicinal plants against tachyzoite and tissue cyst


Vaccine: Immunization studies against T.gondii using nano-adjuvants in the field of

DNA vaccine

The recombinant antigens

Syntetic polypeptide


Physiology: evaluation of effective factors in entry inhibition of T.gondii into the host cell


Biochemistry: To study the biochemical pathways of Toxoplasma in direction:

Identification of indicators in acute and chronic toxoplasmosis

Identification of biochemical pathways in the treatment  toxoplasmosis

In collaboration with

Molecular and Cell biology Research Center



Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center


Safety Genetics Research Center


Health Sciences Research Center


Antimicrobial Resistant Research Center


Research Institute of Laboratory Animals


Products of plant and animal health research center



All interested applicants should contact us through our email.


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