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Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center

Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center

Antimicrobial resistance research center


Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center was found in 2012 in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. This research center is located in Razi Educational Hospital in Qaemshahr.


Professor Farhang Babamahmoodi     Email:

Address :

Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center, Razi Educational Hospital . Qaemshahr, Iran.    +981142316319

Program coordinator:

Fatemeh Ahangarkani   Email:

Academic Member:



Research interest

Farhang Babamahmoodi, MD

Drug resistance Mycobacterial  infectious,  Antimicrobial resistance   

Narges Najafi, MD

Antibiotic resistance, zoonosis, hepatitis B and C

Shahriar Alian, MD

Antifungal resistance , STI diseases , Pneumococci  resistance

Roya Ghasemian, MD

Antifungal resistance , influenza,   Antibiotic resistance, TB

Ahmad Alikhani, MD

HIV  Anti-Drug resistance

Alireza Davoudi, MD

Nosocomial infection resistance , Antibiotic stewardship 

Research priority:

All health aspects related to antimicrobial resistance

In collaboration with:

Nosocomial resistance research center, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.



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