Saturday, January 22, 2022
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About Sari


Sari is the provincial capital of Mazandaran and former capital of Iran (for a short period), located in the north of Iran, between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Sari is the largest and most populur city of Mazandaran.

Sari is in the beautiful Caspian region of Iran with about half million people residing in the town and same amount in the suburbs. Sari boasts as ancient city, as all of the historical maps referring to this city, being the capital of Ancient Hyrcania Civilization 6 centuries before Christ and Kingdom of Tabaria till 17 century, also twice capital of Iran within the last four centuries.

Sari has also been noted throughout history for its nature and many orange groves. The unique Badab Sourt Natural Spring, which is the second registered natural attraction of Iran, is located in the Chahardangeh district of Sari.

        Badab Sourt Natural Spring

The Clock Tower, in the Clock Square is one of the notable landmarks of the city which is located in downtown Sari, attracts visitors and has become a famous landmark.