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Molecular and Cellular Biology

About Us


Molecular and Cell Biology Research Center was established in 2008 and started in 2009. This center hopes to be known as an advanced, creative, and reputable center in fundamental and applied molecular and cell biology researches by taking advantage of the potentials of the faculty members and the other researchers. Also, the center hopes to develop goals of holistic scientific map of Iran through training qualified researchers in modern technologies, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, gene therapy, cell therapy, etc.


The primary goal of the center is to use scientific abilities through direction, protection, design and execution of applied and fundamental researches to create, innovate, and improve the diagnosis, therapeutic, and preventative methods, and also produce biological products to promote health level of the community. Goals of the center are as follows:

1.      Qualitative and quantitative development of molecular and cell biology researches

2.      Development and improvement of molecular and cell biology methods to diagnose infectious and non-infectious diseases, especially cancers

3.      Creating targeted therapeutic methods using modern methods such as cell therapy, gene therapy and using biological products

4.      Interacting with the other local and international scientific research centers to achieve the aforementioned goals

5.      Implementing targeted scientific and applied research projects regarding prevention, control, and treatment of prevalent diseases

6.       Help to improve educational-research system through training qualified and skilled experts in different areas of molecular and cell biology sciences

7.      Help to produce biologic and diagnostic products through interaction with industry



Qualitative and quantitative development of research projects with annual growth rate of 20% to 30%,.

1.      Encouraging and motivating faculty members to provide their research projects for the center, using different methods of participatory management and providing appropriate incentives.

2.      Forming Student Research Committee in the center, and connecting with the Student Research Committee of the university for more interaction with the students, especially the post graduate ones

3.      Increasing the number of researchers, through identification and employment of creative and efficient researchers, and also offering post graduate courses, especially Ph.D. by research.

4.      Increasing research and paper writing ability of the members through holding advanced courses in research method, bioinformatics, paper writing, etc.

5.      Encouraging and motivating researchers of the center to approve joint research projects with the other scientific centers

6.      Equipping the center with the hardware and software facilities according to the requirements and potentials of the researchers

7.      Planning to protect intellectual and scientific products of the center, considering the protection of intellectual possessions of the innovations and creations of the center researchers

  1. Encouraging the researchers of the center and also independent researchers to approve applied research projects and provide suitable conditions and necessary facilities to turn ideas into the products through connecting to development centers and technology parks and also international communications
  2. providing suitable conditions to learn and train modern technologies of molecular and cell biology sciences for the researchers of the center and independent researchers to set new policies to achieve the goals of holistic scientific map and the fifth development plan of the country
  3. planning to obtain the permission to publish at least one English journal to improve national and international contacts of the center
  4. promoting and disseminating the culture of safe and teamwork research in scientific fields through holding numerous congresses, seminars, and workshops, relying on the principles of research ethics
  5. planning to increase the laboratory and administrative areas of the center
  6. Increasing the number of approved theses
  7. Introducing programs and abilities of the center through a strategic plan, improving and updating the website of the center and publishing periodical pamphlets to introduce the activities of the center to the other centers
  8. Planning to make at least 30% of the research projects of the year to be applied
  9. Conducting at least ten joint research projects with the centers or organizations out of the university to organize the applied research projects and increase the income
  10. planning to achieve at least two technologies and/or products in medical sciences up to the end of the fifth year of activity
  11. Membership in the international institutes with related activities
  12. Directing and developing researches through cooperation with regional, national and international institutes and organizations as a unique Molecular and Cell Biologiy Research Center in the North of Iran
  13. Providing laboratory services and private and specific consultations to the patients, centers, and organizations responsible for healthcare affairs, especially when encountering with the emerging or epidemic diseases

Members of the Center

Dr. Ali Reza Rafie, Dr. Abulghassem Ajami, Dr. Mohammad Reza Shiran, Dr, Seyed Mohammad Bagher Hashemi, Dr. Mehdi Fakhar, Dr. Atieh Makhlough, Dr. Nourullah Rezaei, Dr. Mehryar Zargari, Dr. Hamid Mohammad Jafari, Dr. Mohsen Tehrani, Dr. Abdul Karim Mehrvarz, Dr. Hamid Badali, Dr. Shahabuddin Sarvi, Dr. Abbass Khonakdar, Dr. Hossain Asgarian Omran, Dr. Ali Reza Khalaatbari, Dr. Mohammad Reza Haghshenas, Dr. Saeid Abedian, Dr. Esmaeil Akbari, Dr. Javad Ghaffari, Dr. Hatef Ghassemi

Current Researches

1.      Evaluation of Correlation between trace elements( Zn, Se, Fe, Cu, MG and Mn) with gastric Cancer - Expression of mir-141 and mir-221 in the patients with gastric cancer

2.      The effect on IL-32 gene variants on coronary artery disease

3.      APOA5-1131 T>C and SW19 polymorphism and their associations with serum lipids levels in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy

4.      The impact of GGCX (RS-2592551) and APOE(RS-429358) genetic polymorphism on warfarin therapy in cardiovascular patients admitted to loghman hospital

5.      To study the effects of moderate treadmill exercise, fluoxetine and their combination on molecular responses induced by single prolonged stress as an experimental the rat PTSD model

6.      (Genotyping of cyp2C8 in a sample of Iranian pupolation (mazandaran

7.      (Genotyping of cyp3A5 in a sample of Iranian pupolation (mazandaran

8.      (Genotyping of cyp2C18 in a sample of Iranian pupolation (mazandaran

9.      (Genotyping of cyp2B6 in a sample of Iranian pupolation (mazandaran

10. Evaluation of effects of strains of probiotic bacteria isolated from Iranian population on regulatory T cells in an animal model of ulcerative colitis

11. Evaluation of CCR1 in circulating blood monocytes in patients with stable angina pectoris

12. valuation of expression of VEGF in peptic ulcer and gastric adenocarcinoma due to Helicobacter pylori infection.E

13. Evaluation of T cell/Transmembrane Immunoglobulin and Mucin domain 3 (TIM-3) expression in patients with Helicobacter pylori – related peptic ulcer and gastric Cancer

14. In vivo Effect of Leaves and bulbs َAlliumparadoxum extract on Giardia lamblia.

15. Molecular and parasitological identification of avian schistosomes isolated from aquatic migrating birds in Mazandaran Province

16. Evaluation of SapphireAmp Fast PCR for detection of Leishmania amastigotes on direct smears of patients infected with cutaneous leishmaniasis

17. Study of microgravity effects (low gravity) on the viability and morphology of rat bone marrow stem cells

18. Chondrocytegenic differentiation of human adipose tissue derived stem cell

19. Assessment of the prevalence of asthma and its symptoms based on questionnaire and spirometric parameters among students in Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

20. The relationship between motivation and academic performance in students of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 2013


Contact Us

Experts: Mohammad Mehrbakhsh Choubari, Rezwan Khajavi, Remissa Sherbafi

Address: Molecular and Cell Biology Research Center, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Piyambar Azaam Complex, Km 18 Khazarabad Road

Tel: +981133543614

Fax: +9811 33543614


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