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About Us


Diabetes Research Center started its scientific-research activities in June 2012 in different educational and clinical fields. This center aimed to expand researches and provide appropriate solutions for diabetes healthcare affairs.


1.      Developing and applying knowledge regarding diabetes

2.      Conducting epidemiologic and clinical fundamental researches on reforming Iranian Healthcare System to meet the requirements of the Islamic Community

3.      Collecting, setting, and classifying documents, papers, and evidences and publishing them

4.      Training diabetes researchers

5.      Promoting, motivating and employing researchers

6.      Attracting local executive-research centers for cooperation

7.      Scientific cooperation with international educational-research centers and organizations considering the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Members of the Center

Dr. Zahra Kashi, Dr. Ozra Akhi, Dr. Adeleh Bahar, Dr. Maryam Mobini, Dr. Atieh Makhlough, Dr. Forouzan Abbassi, Dr. Soghra Khani, Dr. Ahmad Ahmadzadeh, Dr. Saeid Abedian Kenari, Dr. Reza Ali Mohammadpour, Dr. Kaveh Haddadi, Dr. Fatemeh Espahbodi, Dr. Mohsen Arabi, Dr. Avideh Maboudi, Dr. Leila Asadian, Dr. Daniel Zamanfar, Dr. Pouria Gill

Current Researches

1.      The Impact of IHD on COPD Exacerbation in the patients admitted In Imam Khomeini Hospital During the years ۱۳۸۷-۱۳۹۲

2.      Comparison of diabetes mellitus between lumbar canal stenosis and degenerating intervertebral hernia patients with healthy people

3.      : Prevalance of hyperglycemia and releated factor in non- diabetic sever head truma patients admited in sari emam hospital ICU in ۲۰۱۴.

4.      Impact of musculoskeletal disosders of upper limbs on quality of life in long standing type ۲ diabetes mellitus

5.      Evaluation of nonsurgical treatment of periodontitis and its effect on inflammatory mediators and diabetic control in type ۲ diabetic patients

6.      association between ischemic heart disease and blood group in type ۲ diabetic patients


Contact Us

Experts: Dr. Leila Asadian, Mahsa Alavi, Fakhereh Ghorbani

Address: Diabetes Research Center, Imam Khomeini Hospital

Tel: 3378789

Fax: 3378789


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