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Ramsar Int.U.M.S

President of the University: Dr. Alireza Fattahian (Tel: +98-011-55226108 (102)

Deputy Director of Medical Education: Dr. Hoseein Firouzi (Tel: +98-011-55226108 (103)

Deputy Director of Research: Dr. Farshad Ghassemi (Tel: +98-011-55226108 (121)

Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Studies: Dr. Saeid Ahangar (Tel: +98-011-55226108 (112)

The university is located in Ramsar, Iran and established in 2008. This university admits students in medical and pharmaceutical fields  with a capacity of 25 students per course. The faculty members are those from Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences and for some courses we invite the faculty members of the other regional universities. At present, the number of medical and pharmacology students is 229 and 213, respectively.

The number of faculty members of this university is 12.

Address: No. 2.2, 20th East St., Taleghani Blvd., Ramsar, Iran

Telephone: +98-11-55226108

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