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Faculty of Dentistry

President of the Faculty: Dr. Ali Zamanian (Tel: +98-011-33405474)

Deputy Director of Education: Dr. Maziar Khatami (Tel: +98-011-33405475)

Deputy Director of Research: Dr. Farhad Sobouti (Tel: +98-011-33405475)

The establishment of Sari Faculty of Dentistry has been always considered from the time that the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences has been established. Until the Faculty of Dentistry building is constructed, official and medical-educational sections of this faculty will be temporarily placed in Touba Complex. The first group of students was admitted in February 2010. During five years of administration, 183 students are studying medical and fundamental sciences. The faculty admits 30 students in the first semester of each academic year.

The main building of Sari Faculty of Dentistry is under construction in the Payambar Azam Complex located in18 Km Farahabad Road (Darya Blvd). This four-story building in an area of 9350m2, four connected blocks, comprised the educational, clinical and official departments. Until the completion of the main building, all departments of the faculty will temporarily be placed in Touba Complex, in Shahid Beheshti (Khazar) Blvd., Sari, Iran
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