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Unique climate, abundant rain and green areas have brought agricultural diversity and abundance to Mazandaran Province. Hence Mazandaran is famous for its appetizing flavors and unique dishes. Great and very delicious food with a variety of local flavors, is very tempting. Mazandaran with traditional local dishes is a province that you shouldn’t miss the experience of eating food in its moderate weather.

Mazandaran cuisine is diverse from a region to another region of Mazandaran. The cuisine of Coastal regions is different from Mountainous regions as people settled in the Alborz usually use the indigenous herbs and coastal people use the dishes of fish and Caspian Mazandaran rice with vegetables. However each people have their own beliefs as they know which dish could be used as remedy for an illness. Every year many of scholars come to Mazandaran province to search about wild herbs and regional dishes.


MAZUMS provides its students with partial lunch-plan on university workdays, i.e. Saturday to Wednesday, for a subsidized fee. Holidays are also excluded from this plan. Remember that breakfast and dinner are not included. Although student dormitories have fully equipped with kitchens and various appliances, students can eat out if they wish. There are various food stands, coffee shops, restaurants in Sari and Ramsar where students can enjoy their time with their friends. Students can try both traditional Iranian food and international food at restaurants around the city or call numerous catering services to have the food delivered to wherever they want. In case you want to try fast foods, you can order different types from fast food restaurants in different parts of the city.







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