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Ramsar International Campus
Ramsar International Campus


The International Campus which is located in Ramsar started its activities in 2008 and admitted students in medicine and pharmacy, a capacity of 25 students in each major. Currently the International Campus includes 707 students who are educated by 14 assistant professors. The central building of international Campus is on 3 floors which is 2400 square meters in area and its campus is 4000 square meters in area. Temperate climates, various tourist attractions in Ramsar including the Caspian Sea, dense forests, countryside, natural spa, gondola lift, airport, hotels and other accommodations are special features which distinguish Ramsar International Campus from other campuses.




International Campus provides its students with state hospitals, equipped laboratories, educational pharmacy in Ramsar and Tonekabon and specialty and sub-specialty clinic for educating medical and pharmacy students.

Imam Sajjad Hospital in Ramsar and Shahid Rajaee hospital in Tonekabon are the educational hospitals, each with 200 beds, equipped with practical facilities and educational and research environment, library and clinical units provide a pleasant condition for medical students to be trained there for clinical sciences.


In order to fulfill educational and research objectives at university and to provide a pleasant conditions and facilities for students, researchers and academic staff’s research and study, the International Campus founded a library in March, 2008. Presently this library comprises 1000 books in Persian and Latin, 78 journals and 34 electronic books in the fields of medicine and pharmacy. The members can benefit from immediate access and unparalleled opportunities for browsing the books. The library has a repository with the capacity of 7000 books and publications which is linked to the university through the standard software.




The laboratory complex of the International Campus is located in Sadat Shahr, Ramsar which includes organic and analytical chemistry lab, microbiology, immunology and mycology  lab, biochemistry lab, moulage hall, physiology and pharmacology lab and dissection room(anatomization). The second phase of the laboratory complex is devoted to pharmacy students to do practical courses such as Instrumental chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, research laboratory. Other facilities offered by this Campus are garden of medical plants and Amphitheater in which scientific conferences can be held there.




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